Aetna Insurance Coverage for Face Lift for Adults in California

Aetna Insurance Coverage for Face Lift for Adults in California


Does Aetna insurance cover facelift surgery for adults in California? The short answer here is no. Aetna insurance policy will most likely not cover rhytidectomy (including meloplasty, face lift) for CA patients who are interested in this surgical procedure. However, some insurance plans and policies have different rules regarding this procedure. Exceptions may include asymmetry after trauma or nerve injury but a face lift surgery is generally not a covered procedure in California.


Learn more about Aetna health insurance coverage for a face lift, Rhytidectomy and meloplasty for adult patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and the surrounding areas in CA by contacting Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, M.D., F.A.C.S. to assist you in understanding what is covered and what documentation is required. Find out if there are any financial responsibility you may have, such as deductibles or co-payments for your face lift in California.


Dr. Steinbrech a world renowned plastic surgeon, author in ten peer-reviewed publications as well as co-author in over forty others. He has presented his research in plastic surgery nationally and worldwide. Forbes has called Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, “The “Go-to surgeon for men”.

Please contact us today or call 310-570-2402 to learn more about the available insurance coverage for a face lift procedure in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, CA.

Rhytidectomy, also known as a facelift, can help enhance the most unmistakable indications of maturing by extracting fat, tightening underlying muscles, and in addition reviving the skin of the face and neck.

Aetna’s Health Insurance Policy for Face lift, Rhytidectomy and meloplasty. 

The following procedures are considered medically necessary when criteria are met.  The requesting physicians may be required to submit documentation, including photographs, letters documenting medical necessity, chart records, etc.

  • Rhytidectomy (including meloplasty, face lift): Considered medically necessary when there is functional impairment that cannot be corrected without surgery.

Source: Aetna

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech and Aetna insurance provider can help you determine the best and most affordable form of a face lift procedure. Request your no-obligation face lift consultation in CA with Dr. Douglas Steinbrech today. You may also call our office to speak to one of our Patient Advisors at 310-570-2402 to learn more about the available Aetna insurance coverage for a face lift surgery for patients in California.


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