Biceps Look Great – Ever Consider Implants?

7 Jan 2016

Biceps Look Great – Ever Consider Implants?

Summer will soon be upon us and you have to consider how you will be received during the upcoming days of swimming and surfing ahead. Do you have time to build up your biceps and chest for the coming season? Do you look like you want to look for summer activities?

Taking the Plunge – Making a Decision for Bicep Implant Surgery

To enhance the look of your arm muscles, you may want to consider bicep implants instead. Some of the supplementation that you have to take in order to build up your biceps can have some negative side effects as well. Therefore, the easiest and safest way to underscore the look of your arm muscles is through implant surgery.

An Immediate Transformation

If you opt for bicep surgery then, you can increase the definition of the muscle in your upper arm without having to lift weights and take dangerous steroids. The implants can be customized to your own special needs to create a seamless and natural appearance. Even if you vigorously exercise, you may not be able to tone and shape this area to your satisfaction. That is why the implants are an ideal solution – not only do they enhance the proportion and appearance of the arm muscles, they improve the look of the whole body. Incisions for implants are made in the area of the underarm, thereby hiding any resulting scarring. Patients see an immediate change after the completion of the implant procedure.

Bicep implants can definitely benefit you if you –

  • Are seeking a more defined and muscular appearance in your upper arms
  • Have tried to build up your biceps but have not received the desired results
  • Wish to restore proportion and leverage to underdeveloped arms
  • Wish to wear more revealing fashions or increase your self-confidence

Both Men and Women Can Benefit from the Surgery

Not only can men benefit from this surgery, women are also good candidates. Many patients choose to add the implants after they have worked diligently at trying to tone and condition their upper arms but have fallen short of the desired outcome. Sometimes, bicep and tricep implants are suggested for people who have been injured and need augmentation in these areas to achieve a normal balance muscularly as well.

During a bicep procedure, an incision is made and followed by the insertion of a silicone implant, which has been cut to accommodate the patient’s musculature. The bicep implant is positioned within the soft tissue of the arm. After the surgery, scar tissue will form, which serves to hold the implant in place. The incisions are sutured and a bandage is applied to the incision site to lessen any discomfort or swelling. Recovery time takes up to a month. After the procedure, moving the arms may be rather difficult, but this reaction usually lasts about a week.

After the procedure, patients are directed not to elevate their arms for a couple days. Once the dressings are removed, an exercise routine is followed after about a week to assist the patient in improving his range of motion. Generally, after about two weeks following the surgery, physical use of the muscles in the upper body can be resumed. Full muscular activity normally resumes after about a month. Risks from this type of surgery, although rare, may include bleeding, infection, muscle/nerve damage or scarring.



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