Body Implants for men are among some of the many services provided by Male Plastic Surgery Los Angeles, located in Beverly Hills, California. In today’s world, men have begun to embrace cosmetic procedures as a way of enhancing their facial and body appearances and boosting their confidence. Silicone body implants are one popular trend among men –it is a surgical procedure that can help you get that perfect body shape you’ve always dreamt of. Today, we’ll explore body implants for men offered at Male Plastic Surgery LA.

Implant packages

Male Plastic Surgery provides a variety of implant packages available for men who want to improve their appearance. These packages can include different combinations of implants. These include Standard 3, Big Quarterback 4, Classic 5, Super 6, Univeral 7, Ultra 8, Olympia 9, and Titanic 10. Click the link at the bottom for more detail. 

6-Pack Abs 

There are many different types of male plastic surgery procedures that can be performed to improve the appearance of the body. One popular procedure is known as an “abs implant.” This type of surgery can help to improve the definition and contour of the abdominal muscles. It can also help to correct any asymmetry that may be present in the abdominal area.

Abs implants are typically made from a solid silicone material that mimics the look and feel of real muscle. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit each individual patient’s needs. The implant is inserted through a small incision made in the lower abdomen. It is then placed underneath the muscle tissue. Once in place, the implant will provide support and definition to the abdominal muscles.

Most patients who undergo ab implants experience minimal discomfort and swelling after surgery. Recovery time is typically short, and patients can usually return to their normal activities within a week or two. Results from ab implants are long-lasting, and patients can enjoy their newly improved physique for many years to come. Click the link at the bottom for more detail. 

Biceps and Triceps

There are many reasons why men might consider undergoing bicep and tricep implants. Maybe they feel their arms are too small and want to add some bulk. Maybe they want to improve their appearance for a special event, like a wedding or reunion. Or maybe they simply want to boost their confidence by achieving the “perfect” physique.

Whatever the reason, bicep and tricep implants can give men the muscular arms they desire. The surgery is relatively simple: incisions are made in the armpit, and silicone implants are inserted into the biceps and triceps. Recovery is usually quick, with most patients able to return to work within a week.

If you’re considering bicep and tricep implants, be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. He or she can help you decide if this surgery is right for you and ensure that you have realistic expectations for your results.  Click the link at the bottom for more detail. 

Buttocks (Gluteal)

The buttocks, or gluteal region, are a common target for male plastic surgery. There are a number of procedures that can be performed to improve the appearance of the buttocks, including buttock augmentation and lift surgery.

Buttock augmentation is a procedure that can be used to increase the size and shape of the buttocks. This is typically done using implants, though fat grafting is another option. The implants are usually placed in the upper part of the buttocks, near the waistline.

Buttock lift surgery is used to correct sagging or drooping in the buttocks. This can be due to age, weight loss, or pregnancy. The surgery involves making incisions in the skin and lifting the underlying tissue. This gives the buttocks a firmer, more youthful appearance. Click the link at the bottom for more detail. 

Body Implants for Men

Calf Implants

There are a number of different types of calf implants available for men, each with its own unique benefits. The most popular type of calf implant is the silicone gel implant, which offers a natural look. Another popular option is the saline-filled implant, which is less expensive but may not provide as natural a look or feel as patients may seek. Especially if you’re a bodybuilder.

No matter which type of calf implant you choose, you can expect to see an immediate improvement in the appearance of your legs. Calf implants can add volume and definition to your lower half, giving you the masculine physique you’ve always wanted. Click the link at the bottom for more detail. 

Forearm Implants

There are many reasons why men may choose to have forearm implants. Some men feel that their arms are too thin or small, while others want to add definition and bulk to their muscles. Forearm implants can also be used to correct asymmetry or create a more sculpted look.

The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia and may take up to two hours. First, an incision is made in the natural crease of the elbow. Next, the implant is placed into position and secured with screws or sutures. The incision is then closed with stitches or surgical tape.

After surgery, patients must wear a compression garment for about four weeks to aid their recovery. There will also be some swelling and bruising, which should resolve within two to three weeks. Most patients can return to work and normal activity levels within one to two weeks after surgery. Click the link at the bottom for more detail. 

Pectoral (chest) Implants

The pectoral area is one of the most commonly requested areas for male plastic surgery. Pectoral implants can enhance the chest area for men who feel self-conscious about their appearance. The implants are inserted through an incision in the armpit and are placed under the pec muscle. This provides a natural-looking result that can boost a man’s confidence. Recovery from this surgery is typically quick, and patients can return to their normal activities within a few days. Click the link at the bottom for more detail. 

Shoulder (deltoid) Implants

The deltoid muscle is a large, triangular muscle that covers the shoulder joint. It is responsible for lifting the arm away from the body and rotating the arm outward. The deltoid muscle is often one of the first muscles to show signs of aging, as it loses volume and definition with age.

Male plastic surgery patients often seek out deltoid implants to restore youthful contours to their shoulders. Deltoid implants are small, teardrop-shaped implants that are placed under the skin and over the deltoid muscle. They add fullness and definition to the shoulder area, creating a more masculine silhouette.

If you are considering deltoid implants, it is essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience performing this procedure. During your consultation, your surgeon will assess your goals and anatomy to determine whether deltoid implants are right for you.

Click the link at the bottom for more detail. 


The quadriceps are the large muscles in the front of the thigh. They are responsible for extending the leg at the knee and are often very prominent in men.

As we age, the quadriceps can begin to sag and lose their definition. This can be especially noticeable in men who have lost a significant amount of weight.

There are several ways to address this problem, including surgery, injections, and topical treatments. However, one of the most effective methods is to use implants.

Quadriceps implants are made from various materials, including silicone and Gore-Tex. They are inserted through small incisions in the skin and placed over the existing muscle.

This procedure can add definition and volume to the quadriceps, giving them a more youthful appearance. It can also help to correct asymmetry or unevenness between the two sides.

If you are considering quadriceps implants, it is important to consult with a plastic surgeon who is experienced in this procedure. They will be able to assess your individual needs and recommend the best course of treatment. Click the link at the bottom for more detail. 

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