Men in Los Angeles, CA who wish to enhance or reshape their buttocks can opt for gluteal augmentation, which can help achieve a fuller and more proportionate profile by compensating for a lack of fat deposit. This procedure can be done through the use of silicone implants or by injecting the patient’s own body fat.

Body-builders who struggle to naturally develop gluteal muscles that align with the rest of their body often seek gluteal augmentation. Additionally, cosmetic surgery, particularly the use of Gluteal implants in Los Angeles, has become an increasingly popular option for individuals who are unable to achieve the desired physical appearance through conventional methods such as weightlifting, exercise, and diet.

Despite the common belief that gluteal implants are exclusively used by body-builders, men of all sizes also undergo this procedure for an added confidence boost or to achieve more youthful-looking physique.

What Are Male Gluteal Implants?

Male gluteal implants are silicone devices designed to improve the appearance of the glutes in men and work by mimicking the contours and feeling of real muscle. The procedure involves inserting silicone implants or injecting the patient’s own body fat to add volume and contour to the buttocks, creating a more aesthetically pleasing profile. Men who are unable to achieve the desired shape and definition through exercise or other non-invasive methods may opt for this procedure. Gluteal implants are also popular among body-builders seeking to enhance the appearance of their gluteal muscles to better align with the rest of their physique.

How Does Male Gluteal Implants Surgery Work?

In Dr. Steinbrech’s LA clinic, buttock implants can be customized to meet each patient’s specific needs in terms of size and shape. These implants are made of silicone, which provides a natural feel and appearance. The placement of the implant is carefully chosen for optimal comfort and aesthetic results, resulting in a fuller gluteal region that is permanent unless removed. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and typically lasts around two hours. Dr. Steinbrech, an experienced plastic surgeon, places incisions in strategic locations on the buttocks to minimize visible scarring.

Before And After Photos Of Male Butt Implants

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Gluteal Implants?

Individuals seeking to enhance the shape, size, and lift of their buttocks can choose from a variety of implants that come in different shapes and sizes. The selection of the appropriate implant shape and size depends on the individual’s unique preferences and body type. Buttock implants are typically made of soft, solid silicone, and differ from breast implants which are filled with fluid. Those in good physical condition or with general good health are typically eligible for buttock implant surgery.

Recovery Process for Gluteal Augmentation

Following gluteal augmentation or butt implant surgery, it is advisable to avoid sitting or lying on your back for up to three weeks. Special compression garments are provided to help reduce swelling, which is normal post-surgery, along with some bruising or discomfort. Most male patients return to work two to three weeks after the procedure, and swelling typically subsides completely after six weeks. Patients usually find the new, curvier buttocks to be worth the temporary discomfort and report increased self-confidence and approachability after the procedure. They also enjoy filling out new styles and bathing suits.

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