Tricep implants can be the solution for men that struggle with adding bulk to their arms regardless of countless hours in the gym. You know how important it can be to look toned—especially in the upper arms. Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is a male plastic surgeon in LA who Forbes Magazine referred to as the “Go-to surgeon for men.”

What Are Tricep Implants?

As part of cosmetic surgery, tricep implants are inserted into the upper arm to improve the appearance of the tricep muscles using an implant material, typically silicone. In most cases, this procedure is performed on individuals who wish to improve the tone and definition of their arms or who have suffered from developmental deformities or muscle loss.

How Does Tricep Implant Surgery Work?

Silicone tricep implant surgery is a cosmetic procedure that helps enhance the form and look of the tricep muscles. To do this, incisions are made in the back area of the upper arm, and pockets within the muscle tissue are developed to place implants into them. The silicone implants are then strategically secured. Once done, any openings left after the surgery will be sealed up with sutures or medical adhesive. The whole process usually takes about an hour and necessitates general anesthesia. Afterward, patients could be expected to experience some swelling and soreness, but these can be managed through taking pain relief medications as well as following all post-operative instructions given by their doctor.

Why Do People Get Tricep Implants?

If you are considering a tricep augmentation procedure, it is important to remember that there are risks and potential complications involved. This type of surgery can be used to improve the appearance of the arms, especially for those who have difficulty achieving desired muscle tone or definition with exercise. Tricep implants can also be utilized to correct congenital deformities or replace lost muscle tissue due to injury or illness. Individuals interested in bodybuilding or fitness may want a more muscular appearance in the arms which they may not achieve through traditional exercises and weight training. Whatever your reasons, speak with a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles about your goals before making any decisions.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Tricep Implants?

People who have a healthy lifestyle and reasonable objectives usually make suitable recipients for tricep implants. Individuals who are looking to improve the look of their upper arms, yet have not had much success through diet and exercise, may also make suitable choices. To decide if they are adequately equipped to go through with the surgery, those considering the prospect must book a meeting with an experienced plastic surgeon and appraise the potential pros and cons.

Recovery Time for Tricep Implants

Generally speaking, most patients can take one to two weeks away from their regular activities to facilitate healing. The affected area might cause them discomfort; however this can be managed with the pain medications prescribed and adequate rest. It is essential to follow the postoperative instructions given by the doctor precisely, for example abstaining from strenuous activities or lifting heavy objects, wearing compression garments and keeping the wound clean and dry. Additionally, it is important to attend all follow up appointments so progress can be checked and any potential complications addressed right away.


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