Sculpting the perfect physique isn’t easy but with BodyBanking®, it’s certainly possible. This innovative plastic surgery procedure allows men to achieve their ideal figure by removing fat from unwanted areas of the body and using it to accentuate others. Through a combination of liposuction and/or fat transfer techniques, it yields a natural-looking result that can be an alternative to fillers. Men on the West Coast who are interested in BodyBanking® can have it done at Male Plastic Surgery Los Angeles.

What Is BodyBanking®?

BodyBanking® was developed by board-certified plastic surgeon and Male Plastic Surgery Group founder, Dr. Steinbrech. This plastic surgery procedure refers to extracting fat from the body and reinjecting it into other areas to add volume, contour or make the physique more proportionate. 

BodyBanking® for men can be performed on the arms, legs, shoulders and buttocks. Most commonly, excess fat is stored in donor areas such as the flanks (love handles), abdomen and lower belly. During traditional liposuction, these cells are discarded. However, with BodyBanking®, they’re captured, isolated and cleansed before being used as a natural injectable.

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How Does BodyBanking® Work?

BodyBanking® can be performed in addition to liposuction or separately without incisions. If the patient is not undergoing liposuction, the surgeon will begin by administering a numbing agent to the donor and treatment areas. Then, the fat collection will begin at the donor sites by using a small needle to draw out fat cells. Once the cells are extracted, the fat is purified, placed into a syringe and injected into the desired areas of the body. 

If the patient is undergoing liposuction, the BodyBanking® procedure will begin by administering a solution comprised of saline, epinephrine and a local anesthetic. Then, a small tube, also known as a cannula, is inserted beneath the skin. Your surgeon will use a gentle sawing motion to break up the fat as it is being suctioned out. Finally, the harvested fat is cleaned and reinjected into the body. 

In both methods, patients should note that larger amounts of fat will need to be injected into the body than what is actually needed. However, the final result will reflect the patient’s desired amount of volume as the fat is gradually absorbed into the body. 

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What Is The Recovery Time For BodyBanking®?

The surgical procedure can take approximately one hour to complete, depending on whether or not liposuction was also performed. There is little downtime following BodyBanking®, however swelling, bruising and tenderness should be expected within the first 2 days. Patients who have liposuction with BodyBanking® may require drainage tubes, antibiotics and compression garments. Strenuous activity should be avoided for 30 days. It could also take months for the swelling to go down entirely and for the final results to be evident. These results are contingent on the individual patient, how much fat was harvested and where on the body the cells were injected into. These factors will also influence the permanence of the procedure. 

Body banking for men in LA, before and after photo -- left side

Who Is A Candidate For BodyBanking®?

Potential candidates for BodyBanking® include men who already have plans to undergo liposuction or who have areas of disproportionate weight gain. Males that are allergic to bovine collagen also make good candidates for this procedure since their own fat will be used during this procedure, eliminating the risk of an adverse reaction or potential rejection. In general, patients should be healthy non-smokers with realistic expectations surrounding plastic surgery. 

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