Staying fit and wanting a more youthful appearance are common desires for men in today’s society. However, some may struggle to achieve a muscular appearance through diet and exercise. Or, have a genetic predisposition that increases their risk of being overweight. Men who store excess fat cells in “trouble spots” and want a more chiseled physique may consider a plastic surgery procedure known as liposculpting. High-definition liposculpting differs from traditional liposuction techniques. It is less invasive and is suited for men who want to refine their build, in addition to reducing stubborn fat. Male Plastic Surgery Los Angeles offers high-definition liposculpting with BodyBanking® to eliminate undesirable fat and carve out the abdomen.

What Is High-Definition Liposculpting With BodyBanking®?

High-definition liposculpting refers to strategically removing pockets of stubborn fat from the abs, flanks or obliques and repositioning the cells to create a contoured, chiseled look. When combined with BodyBanking®, excess fat harvested during liposculpting is purified and used for fat injections. These injectables add volume to the pecs, glutes, biceps, triceps, calves or shoulders. 

When compared to traditional liposuction, high-definition liposculpting with BodyBanking® not only removes fat from the upper and lower abdomen, it simultaneously carves out the perfect six-pack and pelvic lines while accentuating other parts of the body via fat injections. 

Hif def liposucrtion for men before and after photo -- front

How Does it Work?

High-definition liposculpture uses the VASER method, a technique that combines ultrasound technology with liposuction to melt fat cells so that they can be extracted or repositioned with ease. Your surgeon will begin the high-definition liposculpting procedure by administering general anesthesia. Then, small incisions are made in the upper and lower abdomen. A thin probe is inserted into the incisions, breaking up and liquifying the cells before they’re removed using a cannula and the incisions are closed.

Once the fat has been collected, patients who wish to undergo selective fat transfer, or BodyBanking®, at the same time will have the cells strategically deposited into the areas of the body that are disproportionate. This procedure can take up to five hours to complete depending on the patient and the size of the treatment areas.

Hif def liposucrtion for men before and after photo -- partial left side performeed in LA

What Is The Recovery Time For High-Definition Liposculpting?

Following high-definition liposculpting, the patient will be sent home with drainage tubes, compression garments and antibiotics. These will help to limit swelling and discomfort, which are to be expected post-surgery along with minor bruising. Strenuous activity should be avoided for at least one month. However, patients can return to work after one week.

Hif def liposucrtion for men before and after photo -- left side

Who Is A Good Candidate For High-Definition Liposculpting?

Men who are physically fit but present pockets of stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise make good candidates for this procedure. High-definition liposculpting is not a weight loss procedure, therefore patients looking to improve the natural shape and contours of their body are ideal. Candidates should be non-smokers, have realistic expectations about the final results and be within 25 pounds of their goal weight.

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