You Chose The Biggest Winner Body Sculpting for Men  Because…

You’ve worked tirelessly to lose fat and need a little help to complete your recomp.

Body sculpting for men can be the answer when you’ve put hours into your workout plans and calorie counting, but now you’re feeling like you’re wearing somebody’s loose skin. You have built the lean mass, but it’s hidden under all that extra skin. So, what’s next?

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is an expert in plastic surgery body sculpting for men who have undergone massive weight loss. At his surgical center in Los Angeles, he specializes in procedures such as the 270 TorsoTuck®, chest lift, thigh lift, and muscular enhancement. With these techniques to tackle loose skin, we aim to set a new standard for post-weight loss techniques, achieving a natural yet defined appearance tailored to a male physique.

The Plan:

  • A complete body lift with a TorsoTuck® to keep the incision low and hidden below the pants line.
  • Abdominal etching and liposuction with BodyBanking®
  • MuscleGel™Implant Packages

The Biggest Winner Body Sculpting Program for Men

Can fat grow back after male liposuction

Dr. Steinbrech has developed innovative techniques such as BodyBanking® to remove any remaining fat and transplant cells into muscles, resulting in increased size and definition. If you’re looking for the best plastic surgery for men in Los Angeles, you should consider The Biggest Winner.

The reasons for choosing The Biggest Winner include putting in the effort to lose weight but needing help to complete the transformation. It’s common to feel like you’re wearing someone else’s skin after losing a significant amount of weight, and building muscle mass may not be enough to achieve the desired look. Additionally, as a man, it’s essential to have techniques and incisions specifically tailored to the male anatomy.

To find out information about Dr. Steinbrech’s Biggest Winner transformation in LA, please contact his office to set up your consultation with one of our friendly Patient Advisors today.

Biggest Winner Patient Case Studies

Patient 1

A young man, identified as Patient 1, in his mid-twenties, recently lost a significant amount of weight, around 95 pounds. He desires a more defined waist and abdominal area. To achieve his goals, the medical plan involves a Circumferential body lift, coupled with a 270 TorsoTuck®. The latter technique will help keep the incision low and hidden under a bathing suit. Additionally, the treatment will tighten the abdominal muscles while applying SurferAb® MuscleShadowing®, leading to a more aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Patient 2

Patient 2 lost a massive amount of weight but ended up with folds of loose skin. For this patient case, we did a full 360 TorsoTuck® and BodyBanking® – transfering fat back into the arms, chest, and shoulders for a tighter, more athletic physique.

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