Chin/Jaw Augmentation in LA

19 May 2015

Chin/Jaw Augmentation in LA

As a man it is important to feel masculine and portray the strength of a man. Dominant and defined facial features on a man portray them as “strong” while less defined smaller features on a male give them a “weaker” appearance. No man wants to feel or appear weak. It’s all about looking masculine to feel masculine.  Although appearances are not an exact science, there is a certain balance and proportion the features on your face could have to make it look harmonious. In a man the “ideal” facial structure consists of a chiseled and well defined jaw. A strong jaw line can provide definition to your facial contour, balancing other features such as cheek bones, chin and nose.

Jawline and chin augmentations are on the rise to provide men with a balanced masculine look on the most noticeable part on their body, their face. Both are done through an incision in the mouth and can be done together to achieve optimal results. These procedures provide a new found confidence to men’s self esteem in their professional lives as well as their love lives.

A chin augmentation is done by making an incision either inside the mouth or outside under the chin and is attached to the bone with sutures or screws. Real bone, fat tissue, or an implant made out of silicone is typically used as an implant.

For jawline augmentation an incision is made inside the mouth near the area of the third molars and an implant is inserted.

Both a jawline and chin augmentation can be performed within the same surgery for male patients in Los Angeles. These procedures are also commonly done at the same time as rhinoplasty to provide facial harmony.

Since a strong jawline and chin is a defining masculine feature and can have a profound effect on facial appearance and your confidence, .

Augmentation or enhancement of specific facial features may be performed with surgical or nonsurgical techniques. Injections with hylauronic acid fillers like Juvederm® may be performed as an office-based procedure, or chin and jaw implants may be implanted to enhance the angles, size or projection of facial features:

  • Injections may be performed under local anesthesia only.
  • If implants are used, incisions are often placed inside the mouth.
  • External incisions may be placed below the chin to insert a chin implant.
  • Jaw implants may also be placed through incisions made during a facelift or other procedures Cheek enhancement involves surgically implanted or injected devices that redefine flat or hollow cheeks:
  • Implants may be placed through incisions inside the mouth, lower eyelid, at the temples or through incisions commonly made during facelift procedures.
  • Injectable dermal fillers may temporarily reshape the fullness and soft contours of the cheeks and mid-face. Your own fat may also be used to provide a more permanent solution.


Are you a candidate for chin & jaw enhancement?

Men of many ages and circumstances undergo cosmetic procedures to attain facial harmony. 

Male Candidates in LA for Chin Augmentation are:

  • Generally good health
  • Realistic expectations for improving a weak chin or subtle jawline

These additional factors generally define good candidates for chin & jaw enhancement to openly communicate with your top, board certified surgeon like Dr. Douglas Steinbrech:

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