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Chin Augmentation for Men in Los Angeles


Chin augmentation, also known as mentoplasty, reshapes the chin with an enhancement with a chin implant or reduction surgery performed on the chin bone. Dr. Steinbrech specializes in chin augmentation for men in Los Angeles. The individual facial features of the chin and jawline can greatly impact the balance/harmony of all facial features. If the nose is prominent or large, it will appear even more so when combined with a weak chin or un-pronounced jawline. Altering the appearance of the chin and jawline can greatly improve the harmony of the face for many men in LA as well as counter the effects of age.

Male Candidates in LA For Chin Augmentation are:

  • Have realistic expectations
  • For improving a weak chin or subtle jawline

About Procedure:

Chin augmentation surgery (mentoplasty) is performed by Dr. Steinbrech is his Los Angeles office through a small incision inside the lower lip between it and the gums or in the natural crease line just underneath the chin. The overlying tissues are lifted of the chin bone creating a space where an implant can be placed over the deficient bone of the skeleton. Fine sutures are used to close the incisions, and the scar is usually imperceptible.

Chin implants are made from a special medical-grade material that looks and feels like natural bone, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that they can be tailored to the individual patient.

Chin and jawline augmentation surgeries takes an average of thirty minutes and used with local anesthesia. For chin augmentation surgery, a small incision is made just beneath the chin. The implant is inserted and the incision is closed.

For jawline augmentation an incision is made inside the mouth near the area of the third molars and an implant is inserted. Both a jawline and chin augmentation can be performed within the same surgery for male patients in Los Angeles.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

jawline-recontouring-baSwelling post jawline/chin augmentation surgery is common; swelling typically peaks at 24-48 hours after surgery. Heightened swelling does subside, however prolonged swelling may occur and final surgery results will be seen within several months. Most male patients in LA return to work within 5 days after chin augmentation surgery, however strenuous exercise should be avoided for ten days.

Restrictions to activities and diet will occur during the recover period. Dr. Steinbrech instructs all patients in the areas of dental and oral hygiene post-surgery.

For more information about jawline and chin augmentation (mentoplasty) for men in Los Angeles, please contact Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic to set up your no-obligation mentoplasty consultation today. You may also call 310-570-2402 to speak to a Patient Advisor to learn more about chin augmentation.


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