Dr. Steinbrech Talks Male Aesthetics on the Create Your Own Life Podcast

If you’re interested in male aesthetics, Dr. Steinbrech sits down with Create Your Own Life Podcast host, Jeremy Ryan Slate, to discuss this, as well as business development, and finding success. This episode explores how Dr. Steinbrech took his idea of a male-oriented practice and turned it into a nationwide business before eventually going on to teach other surgeons how to perform work on men.

Male Aesthetics

“I know that there are more than just a handful of people that want to come to my practice. I want more people in other areas to have the ability to [work on men]. Everyone’s talking about the possibilities and the things they want to be done… Nobody ever taught me how to do any of these specific techniques but I knew the anatomy.”

Dr. Steinbrech also discusses how he took his idea of a male-focused practice from concept to completion. “Don’t be afraid to share your idea… It may sound cliche but you can’t be afraid. I was a shy guy from Iowa. I was afraid if I told people from medical school about my idea, it wouldn’t happen. I thought if I told people I wanted to be a plastic surgeon, it wouldn’t happen.

You can listen to the full episode below and check out Dr. Steinbrech’s new book Male Aesthetic Plastic Surgery on Amazon.

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