Embarrassed with your Body? No longer, with Pectoral Enhancement

19 Nov 2015

Embarrassed with your Body? No longer, with Pectoral Enhancement

Are your pecs not doing it for the ladies anymore at the beach? Discover the male bust solution with pectoral enhancement. These days, women aren’t the only one looking for breast enlargement, or sadly reduction; men too can now achieve a desirable body.

Pectoral enhancement performed by a skilled surgeon results in a natural, athletic appearance and a well-proportioned torso. It aids in building self-confidence in people that feel embarrassed about their appearance.

Pectoral Enhancement – What is it?

Pectoral enhancement procedure is designed to shape and define the male chest. Men who are unable to achieve the type of body they desire through an exercise routine; this surgery can tone existing muscles and define them with more symmetry, prominently.

The pectoral enhancement procedure includes both the enhancement of the male chest as well as reduction. While enhancement of this area is understandable, the reduction is for men who suffer from chronic obesity and have accumulated massive amounts of fat in the pectoral area. This normally happens to males who have estrogen above the normal level; this procedure is a god send for these unfortunate men.

Equally, men on the opposite end of the spectrum who are too skinny can opt for implants to add volume to their pecs.

Nature of Surgery

Before the surgery procedure begins, your surgeon will display the variety of sizes and shape of implants they have available. With the help of your surgeon’s guidance, you will pick the one that best blends in with the shape and curves of your chest muscles.

The procedure begins with your surgeon creating a miniature incision in your armpit, which is then used to inject the implant endoscopically. An endoscope is a thin tube with a tiny camera on the end, which is used by the surgeon to navigate the implant within the body of the patient with great precision.

The surgeon then follows the incision’s path and carefully places implants under the pectoral muscles. In the end, the incision is sutured together to complete the surgery. If you are wondering what holds the implant in place, they are either held by overlying muscle or with sutures.

Not only does this method reduce the number of scars, but bleeding as well. In some unique cases, non-endoscopic method is preferred by surgeons.

Normal length of Surgery

An average pectoral enhancement surgery can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to complete. Endoscopic procedure is likely to take slightly longer. This surgery is typically performed under the effects of anesthesia.

The level of Pain Experienced

The level of pain greatly varies from one person to another, and depends entirely on the method used. Discuss your budget, pain tolerance and goals, with the operating surgeon to assist them in determining the approach of the procedure best for you.

The Recovery Period

The recovery from this surgery can take up to six weeks.

If you are considering getting your pecs enhanced, the aforementioned info will give you a fair idea. Or perhaps an inspiration to uplift your holiday spirit.



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