What Is Daxxify?

Daxxify is the newest neuromodulator from Revance— the creator of RHA Dermal Fillers. But, what is a neuromodulator? Neuromodulators are wrinkle-relaxing injections of botulinum toxin. They are most often used to treat wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet. Simply put, Daxxify is a preventative cosmetic designed to counteract many of the effects of aging. At Alpha Male Plastic Surgery in LA, we specialize in Daxxify in injections.

Like Botox, Dysport, and other popular neuromodulators, dermatologists inject the necessary amount of Daxxify into targeted areas. The formulation then works to stop muscles from contracting and in turn, prevents the formation of wrinkles.

When you are younger, things like frown lines disappear when your face is at rest, but as you age, they can become cemented in one’s facial expressions— appearing even when making no facial expression at all. Because of this, many people turn to neuromodulators and after rigorous testing, there is none better than Daxxify.  

Revance’s Sabrina G. Fabi, MD and Mitchel P. Goldman, MD conducted studies via clinical trials over the last decade to test Daxxify’s effect on glabellar lines. Through their research, they concluded that Daxxify was not only safe, but produced highly consistent results among patients. 

The Difference Between Daxxify and Botox

Following its FDA approval in 2002, Botox had transformed the neuromodulator market and, therefore, the beauty industry as a whole. Since its inception, there have been other products to follow in its footsteps, but none with enough innovation to set them apart from Botox. Two decades later, Daxxify is proving to be the advancement in neuromodulator formulation that the industry was desperately seeking. 

What sets Daxxify apart from the rest is simple: A proprietary peptide formulation that produces a stabilizing effect on the face. In layman’s terms, during trials, Daxxify was concluded to be longer-lasting than its competitors. For example, on frown lines—also known as glabellar lines—Daxxify can last for six months and sometimes longer. On the other hand, Botox and other neuromodulators typically have a quicker expiration time, with patients often needing to re-up every three to four months. 

If that’s not enough, the clinical trial conducted on Daxxify was the largest ever for a product designed to counteract glabellar lines. Therefore, longevity and rigorous testing can be noted as just some of what makes Daxxify stand out from the rest. 

How Does It Work?

If you have never received neuromodulator treatment and are skeptical to start, we are here to tell you not to fret. Injections take less than 20 minutes and are extremely well tolerated by patients. Furthermore, recovery time is nonexistent, though minor redness and swelling can occur. Still, a majority of patients leave appointments without any evidence that they received facial injections at all. 

Most patients see improvements almost immediately, but over the days following the procedure, the results will continue to improve. It is low risk and provides extremely quick, long-lasting results. 

Should You Get It?

If you are looking to prevent the effects that aging can have on one’s facial expressions, then look no further. Daxxify is proven to work quickly with little or no risk involved. A dermatologist will work with you to determine which areas will benefit from injections and how much will be needed. From there, it’s as simple as a fifteen-minute appointment every six months. As far as neuromodulators go, there is not one more effective than Daxxify. 

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