Fly-In Program For Male Plastic Surgery In Los Angeles, CA

Instructions for Out of Town Patients: For patients who are traveling from out of town to see Dr. Douglas Steinbrech in his Los Angeles, CA office, our staff will make every effort to accommodate you. Many of our patients fly in for male plastic surgery from out of state or visit us from international locations. Dr. Steinbrech is considered one of the top plastic surgeons for men in the United States. He routinely sees patients that come from as far away as Florida, Nevada, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Russia, Australia, South America, and Europe. Our office is conveniently located 30-45 minutes away from all of the major commercial and private airports in the Los Angeles area.

  • Los Angeles International Airport (35 minutes from our office)
  • Bob Hope Airport (45 minutes)
  • Hughes Airport (30 minutes)
  • Van Nuys Airport (40 minutes)

We have partnered with aftercare facilities and luxury LA hotels nearby to help you with your recovery process. Our staff we’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure your recovery goes as comfortably as possible and worry-free.

  • The Beverly Hilton
  • The Peninsula Beverly Hills
  • Montage Beverly Hills
  • The Beverly Hills Hotel

Choosing the right male plastic surgeon is the most important decision you’ll make. We made our fly-in program as easy as possible for you to come to Los Angeles for your plastic surgery. Our instructions below are designed to explain and help facilitate the fly-in process:


You may fly in to have your consultation in person with Dr. Steinbrech and then return at a later date for your surgery. Or you may also have a virtual consultation via Skype or other technologies for your convenience to discuss areas of concern with his recommendations. Please contact our office by filling out the consultation form.

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Another option we offer our patients is to email photos to our office with descriptions of their desired goals and desired look you are trying to achieve. Dr. Steinbrech will review, provide any recommendations and evaluate if you are a good candidate for male plastic surgery. Our friendly patient coordinators will help you with any questions you may have as well as discuss estimated fees, accommodations, post-opt care, and recovery time.

After your initial consultation, the next step is to schedule your surgery. Once you have decided to proceed with your procedure, we require a 20% deposit via check or credit card to reserve your surgery date. The final payment for your surgery is due at least three weeks before surgery.

An information packet will be sent out for your review outlining your surgery with other important instructions you need to carefully read and follow.

We strongly recommend that all of our fly-in patients spend at least one night in a nearby aftercare facility to make sure you receive medical attention, if needed. Our professional and friendly staff will help you arrange your stay and take care of any post-op needs you may have.

Dr. Steinbrech and his assistants will see you post-operatively after your surgery. You may recover in an aftercare facility with 24-hour medical staff or in a hotel of your choice. After your evaluation, Dr. Steinbrech will recommend a return home date. Most of our patients return home within 7 to 15 days after their surgery.

We can refer you to a physician in your hometown if you require additional check-ups. We also recommend that you notify your primary care physician of your surgery and have them available to follow up with you once you are back home. Our patient’s health and safety is our main concern.

With our concierge fly-in plastic surgery services for men, there is no reason to let distance stand between you and your desired look. For more information on our fly-in program, please fill out the contact form or call Dr. Steinbrech’s office at (310) 774-4034.

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