Gynecomastia in LA

19 May 2015

Gynecomastia in LA

With the summer rapidly approaching in Los Angeles, 57% of men in the United States will be too embarrassed to be baring it all at the beach due to gynecomastia.

Commonly known as “man boobs,” gynecomastia is a condition of enlarged male breast tissue not to be confused with fatty tissue. Many would argue that only women are supposed to have large breasts, right? Well yes, according to society, but unfortunately speaking medically, this is a very common condition for men to have, often affecting their self -esteem, confidence and sex drive.


Gynecomastia is the condition of enlarged male breast tissue, commonly treated with male breast reduction surgery. Dr. Steinbrech specializes in gynecomastia for men in LA.

Gynecomastia is regarded as:

• Excess localized fat
• Excess glandular tissue development
• A combination of both excess fat and glandular tissue
• The aforementioned may be present in one of or both breasts

Gynecomastia forms from an imbalance of hormone levels in which the female hormone estrogen is at the same level of the male hormone androgen. This can be hereditary, or occur during puberty when hormones tend to fluctuate. This condition can also come as a side effect of certain medications or certain disorders. Symptoms include swollen breast tissue, breast tenderness, swelling and pain.

Although gynecomastia is not always preventable, all hope is not lost in being able to have a more masculine appealing physique. Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech specializes in re-contouring the male physique by restoring a flatter, firmer appearance to the male chest sending his clients confidence through the roof.


This can be done by Liposuction, in which the excess glandular tissue is removed and excess fat is removed by a vacuum suction. Or for more severe cases an Excision will be done along with the liposuction in which the excess glandular tissue is removed and the areola or nipple needs a reduction or repositioning to give the chest a more natural appearance.

Dr. Steinbrech understands the importance of your masculinity and is committed to finding the right procedure for you to gain your self esteem back and obtain a natural and appealing physique.

Gynecomastia Consultation in LA

For more information about gynecomastia in LA, please fill out our contact form on the right to set up your consultation for male breast reduction today. You may also call our office at 310-570-2402 to speak to one of our Patient Advisors about gynecomastia.




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