Hold Your Head Up High with a Newly Lifted Neck: What You Need to Know about a Neck Lift

8 Apr 2016

Hold Your Head Up High with a Newly Lifted Neck: What You Need to Know about a Neck Lift

shutterstock_29497228A neck lift is sometimes called a lower rhytidectomy or lower facelift. Rhytidectomy is the term used for a face lift. When the neck lift process involves removing excess skin, it is technically referred to as cervicoplasty. If it is performed to tighten loose muscles in the neck, it is called a platysmaplasty. Therefore, a neck lift procedure in Los Angeles can be performed to get rid of jowls, or the additional fat and skin beneath the neck. Muscle banding in the neck can also be removed, which can create abnormal contours.

Why the Neck Gets Wrinkled

The loss of youthfulness in the face or neck can result from varying reasons, including gravity, environmental conditions, heredity, or stress. A lower rhytidectomy is often performed for patients who are not yet ready to receive a full facelift. As a result, the procedure is often prescribed for people with double chins, jowl lines or wrinkling and sagging of the neck (turkey wattle). So, if you think your neck makes you look older than your years, you should seriously consider a neck lift procedure.

Other Procedures that are Combined with Neck Lift Surgery

Other rejuvenation therapies that can be performed in connection with a neck lift procedure include the following:

  • A brow lift, to correct a deeply furrowed or sagging brow;
  • Lip and cheek augmentation involving the transfer of fat
  • Eyelid surgery

Although this kind of surgery can improve your neck line, it will not change your basic appearance, nor can it stop the process of aging. You can only remove excess neck fat by means of a neck lift, or cervicoplasty. Non-surgical remedies will not achieve the same results. However, they can complement the outcome of the procedure.

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Benefits of Neck Lift 

A neck lift procedure, which involves liposuction, is also known in layman terms as neck contouring. The process, therefore, is meant to create a smoother, more refined appearance to the chin and neck. Even if you don’t make any changes to the face, neck contouring can help a Los Angeles patient look younger or even thinner with a neck lift. The procedure can also restore symmetry to the facial features by supplying a more well-defined jawline.

Neck contouring can either concentrate on neck lift surgery or be combined with other facial cosmetic goals to realize more comprehensive enhancements overall. A neck lift is often combined with liposuction to remove excess fat and smooth the neck. Therefore, the neck lift itself gets rid of any wrinkling or sagging. Usually, a good liposuction candidate is in his 20’s to 50’s as skin elasticity is required to reap a good result.

For most patients, the liposuction performed on the neck is pretty quick and often can be done utilizing local anesthesia. A cosmetic surgeon can perform a cervicoplasty or platysmaplasty, or combine both procedures to achieve the desired effect. The surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis. The surgeon makes a small incision behind each of the ears or may also make a small incision under the chin. These incisions help the doctor tighten the muscles in the neck and remove any excess of skin.

After the Surgery

The recovery time depends on the person as well as the extent of the procedure. Usually, patients return to their normal activities within a couple weeks following the surgery. Expect to feel some tightness for a few weeks and know that swelling and bruising are also normal. All these side effects will subside gradually with bruising generally disappearing after about a week.

Therefore, a neck lift surgery is useful in eliminating “turkey neck” by getting rid of excess sagging skin on the neck and smoothing out creases or wrinkles that appear at the site. The surgery also improves the appearance of vertical bands. You can combine the procedure with a facelift or brow lift if you so choose to obtain a more comprehensive facial restoration. The results are long-lasting and naturally keep pace with the aging process. Learn more about neck lift procedure in LA by requesting more information from Dr. Steinbrech’s office.




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