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Male Necklift in Los Angeles

Sagging skin in the neck area drastically shows signs of age. Aging males can begin to notice a loss in skin’s elasticity in the neck area, causing loose skin and creating a less than youthful appearance. Dr. Steinbrech specializes in necklift surgeries for men in Los Angeles.

Loose skin in the neck area is treatable with a neck lift. Necklift surgery allows for the tightening of underlying muscles, improvement of the jowls and/or reduction of fat deposits beneath the chin (getting rid of “double-chin”).






The Necklift procedure for men in LA is less invasive than that of a facelift; however the results offer the same dramatic result of taking 10-15 years off of your age.

Many individuals neglect the appearance of their neck; however, the neck is one of the first places where signs of age start to show. Additionally, sun damage or extreme weight loss may contribute to the skin on a person’s neck looking loose, sagging, and aged. While we go to great measures to preserve or improve the appearance of our facial skin, it is equally important to tend to the neck. If your neck skin appears to have lost its natural elasticity and sags, or if there is excess skin or fat that you wish to remove, there are a number of excellent solutions available, including neck lift surgery.

Male Neck Lift Surgery Improves the Look of:

  • Loose skin and fat in the chin, jaw or neck
  • Excess fat in the neck area
  • Loose skin or fat left over from weight loss

Neck lift surgery can be done with IV sedation or general anesthesia. Neck Lift incisions are most often made around the ear lobe and behind the ears for virtually undetectable marks. Experienced board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Steinbrech, tightens the underlying muscles and removes excess fat through his carefully located incisions.

If you are interested in neck lift surgery, and want to know if you are a good candidate for the treatment, you should meet with a qualified plastic surgeon for a consultation. Ideal candidates include men , 40 to 80 years of age, who wish to correct:

  • Sun or wind damaged neck skin
  • Double or triple chin – fat under the chin
  • Turkey wattle neck – loose, slack neck skin
  • Jowls – fat or too much skin under the jaws
  • Excess neck fat or neck skin

Who Is the Ideal Neck Lift Candidate?

The ideal neck lift candidate is someone whose skin still has some elasticity and who has realistic expectations for the surgery. The patient must also be in good physical health and be able to miss at least a week of normal activity.

A good neck lift candidate must also have skin elastic enough to be able to withstand a fair amount of stretching. Since the excess skin is cut and the rest is pulled tight, the skin can’t be too taught or too thin – keeping younger and some older people from being able to take the procedure.


Neck lift surgery is one of the most transformative procedures in cosmetic medicine. By removing excess skin and fat deposits from the neck area, and possibly restructuring the underlying muscle, a qualified plastic surgeon can dramatically rejuvenate a patient’s appearance. The procedure, itself, is one of the safest and most reliable in plastic surgery. Indeed, with the advances made in surgical technology over the past decade, modern neck lift surgery can be performed with minimal incisions and scarring while producing exceptionally natural-looking results.

Recovery from Neck Lift Surgery

In the first twenty-four hours after surgery, patients should arrange to have a friend or family member stay with them, as movement will be difficult. The first few days will be spent primarily in bed, with prescription pain medication being taken to control any pain or discomfort. It is important that patients have a supply of comfortable, loose-fitting shirts or blouses that button up the front, as pulling clothing over the head could interfere with healing. Post-surgery patients can expect swelling, numbness and some bruising after your neck lift surgery. Bandages are applied during the recovery period and in some cases drainage tubes may be used to gather excess fluids for the first day post-surgery. Most male Beverly Hills patients can return to work two weeks after their neck lift surgery.

Even after returning to work, patients will have to be careful to avoid strenuous activity, such as heavy lifting or sports, for a few weeks. As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection and bleeding associated with neck lift surgery. Bruising and swelling, especially in the first few days after surgery, are inevitable. Patients should be attentive to any signs that healing is not progressing properly, such as pus at the incision sites, and contact their surgeons immediately if there are any potential issues.

For more information about neck lift surgery for men in Los Angeles, please visit Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic to set up your no-obligation necklift consultation today.



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