New Theory, New Faces: Men Learn To Keep Up With Their Youth

1 Jul 2016

New Theory, New Faces: Men Learn To Keep Up With Their Youth

For years, women have been obsessed with plastic surgery. Whether they’re trying to turn back the clock or fix their insecurities, women have helped build the business of plastic surgery all over the world, and now men want to know what all the fuss is about.

New York is the Executive city of America. With different deals and opportunities being presented on every corner, it can become very hard to stay relevant and fresh faced in the city the never sleeps. Each year colleges are pumping out corporate hopefuls filled with new knowledge and techniques to make it in the big leagues, but none of that matters unless you nail the interview.

You can tell a lot about a person in the first minute of their interview; their confidence by the way they walk in, their self assurance by their hand shake, but the most obvious thing that the interviewer observes is their age. In a world that’s always moving and always growing, corporate America has looked towards the younger ones to begin building their empire- whether their more qualified for the job or not. That means, for men over the age of 40, looking for a new lease on a career or to move up could be harder than ever before. They not only need to act the part, but they need to look it as well.

In order to play “Keeping Up With the Millennials”, more men than ever before have been going under the needle or knife to regain their youth.

Hey- if it works for women, why not guys?

shutterstock_264466790Re-chiseling your naturally beautiful features to reinvent yourself is what plastic surgery is all about. Men have become much more open about their choices of surgery as well in recent times. Male Plastic Surgery no longer has to be looked upon as shameful for a guy to admit having.

For the better part of forever, women thought men either cared too much about how they looked or not enough, there was never a happy medium. Well, there is now. Jaw-line defining, eye lifts, neck lifts and even muscles implants have become all the rage in the Big Apple and the crowd- both men and women- seem to be very pleased. People are living longer than ever before, so why shouldn’t looking younger and having a career boost be on the top of their to-do lists. Higher levels of self-esteem mean better sex lives, more productive work lives and more happiness all around; that’s exactly what today’s man is looking for.

Surgeons all over have started catering to male plastic surgery more than ever before. Man to man, they know how to improve without overdoing. No one wants to look plastic, especially not a guy, which is why so much consideration is being put into who men let re-carve their facade. With this trend growing, New York City has paved the way for the best plastic surgeons to take over. Some have even been granted honorable nicknames like Dr. Douglas Steinbrech who has been deemed, the Godfather of Plastic Surgery.

Plastic surgery to improve the quality of life is something to be embraced when working with trusted professionals. Confidence is key to moving forward in today’s dog-eat-dog world. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good. It all goes hand in hand.

So go ahead! Pull a little here or lift a little there. Don’t change who you are, just change how you feel about yourself for the better!

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