Penile Augmentation Via Fat Transfer and Fillers

Size matters.

Get bigger, thicker, and sexier than ever before.

If there’s one body part that men really care about, it’s their penis. To most men, it’s not just another part of their body; it’s a symbol of their masculinity. A penis isn’t just a penis; it’s a source or pride and joy.

A man’s member is a symbol of their ability to pleasure their partner. Though a man’s penis should always be a source of pride, for many men, it’s a source of insecurity. We live in a society where bigger is better, and it’s not a secret that having a larger, thicker member can make it easier to pleasure a person.

Penile augmentation has been around for years, but things have definitely changed. It used to be that getting penile augmentation required a risky surgery that could potentially cause serious damage. Believe it or not, things have changed immensely.

Dr. Steinbrech’s Los Angeles office offers a new way to make your manhood bigger than ever—with less risk and downtime than ever before. The newest technique he’s using involves adding fat transfers and dermal fillers to increase size.

Why Choose Penile Augmentation Via Fat Transfers or Fillers?

Traditional penile augmentation isn’t just risky, it just wasn’t working out for many men. It was expensive, often only increased length by an inch, and came with risks that could make most people think twice about messing around with their partner.

The old school surgical form of augmentation involved surgically shifting the “hidden” part of your penis inside your body to stick out further from your torso. This only increased a man’s penile length, and at times, came with side effects that interfered with sex. It was risky, and yet, didn’t give men the satisfying bulge they wanted in most situations.

Filler injections offer better results, are safer, and surprisingly, are more affordable. These fillers are proven to have lower side effects, are FDA-approved for penile enhancement, and add serious girth almost instantly.

Fat transfers are a little more involved, but also tend to be better for men looking for a striking difference. Adding fat transfers gives your penis a more natural appearance, and also helps with flaccid girth. Neither fillers nor fat transfers will interfere with your penis’s ability to perform.

The Benefits Of Fillers and Fat Transfers, Explained

Fillers and fat transfers have become Dr. Steinbrech’s favorite tools for male augmentation, and it’s easy to see why. Fillers and fat transfers have these excellent benefits that make them ideal for most male patients:

  • Fillers are safe and FDA-approved for use.
  • Fat transfers are hypoallergenic and work when fillers would disagree with a person’s body chemistry.
  • Low downtime is the norm on both options.
  • Both fillers and fat transfers are cheaper than surgical intervention.
  • Both fillers and fat transfers have low rates of complications.

How Does This Form of Penis Augmentation Work?

Unlike standard surgical enhancements, penis augmentation done via fat transfers and fillers is minimally invasive. It’s done under local anesthesia in our Los Angeles office. Each procedure is done after a consultation with Dr. Steinbrech, who will determine which route is best for your particular needs.

A typical fat transfer will require two procedures. First, you will have fat collected from a part of your body. This is done by inserting a small tube called a cannula into your body, which will break up fat and suck it out of you. The fat is then cleaned, and re-injected into your penis.

A typical filler will require two injections of a dermal filler into your penis. The filler will be chosen by Dr. Steinbrech, and will add girth immediately. In most simple filler cases, men can resume sexual activity after 48 hours. You can also “double up” by choosing to add fat transfers onto a typical filler procedure.

With fat transfers, there may be a small amount of downtime—but only in the bedroom. Men should refrain from sexual activity for one to two weeks during recovery. Dr. Steinbrech will check up on you and offer specialized instructions for your aftercare.

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