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21 Sep 2015

Eyelift Surgery: Look Fresh Despite Daylight Savings Time

George Clooney Before Eyelift Surgery (Image courtesy Cosmetic Makeovers – Show and Tell)[/caption]

The bags under the eyes are gone after an eyelift surgery. (Image courtesy History Hop)

The bags under the eyes are gone after an eyelift surgery. (Image courtesy History Hop)

When the Daylight Savings Time is implemented, it is not uncommon to see men going around looking tired and haggard with droopy eyelids and puffy eyes. Unfortunately, droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes, puffy eyes, and crow’s feet are also common signs of aging and in some men, these turn severe enough to call for an eyelift surgery. Men undergo eyelift surgery in Los Angeles to not only reverse signs of aging but also improve vision that is impaired by droopy eyelids. An eyelift surgery is a minor procedure but the results are truly spectacular—a younger-looking YOU whose eyes sparkle with energy and vivacity.

What is an Eyelift Surgery?

Depending on how your eyes look now and how you want them to appear, the surgeon can perform minor surgical procedures on the upper or the lower eyelid or at both places. But contrary to its name, your eyelids are not “lifted” during the surgery.

Excess skin and fat tissue give you an aged droopy-eyelid appearance and make your eyes look swollen. In extreme cases, hanging eyelids can also obstruct your vision. Upper eyelift surgery involves trimming the excess fat and skin. Similarly, excess fat and skin in the lower eyelid can cause wrinkles to develop and make the lids sag, thereby making you look older than you actually are.

During lower eyelift surgery, excess fat and skin are removed and sometimes the eyelids are tightened to improve a sagging look. In another kind of lower eyelift surgery, excess fat is added to fill out hollows beneath the eyes. This dramatically improves a sunken-eye appearance—the result of your hectic and overbooked schedules and sleep-deprived nights—and gives you a more youthful look.

What Happens During an Eyelift Surgery?

Although it is a surgical procedure, the incision is miniscule. It is more of a cut that is made on the upper eyelid or just below the lash line or inside of the lower eyelid. A skilled surgeon chooses the points of cuts carefully, so the scars get covered by the pleats of the eyelids. If the incision is made inside of the eyelid, either to remove or add extra fat, there are no visible scars.

An eyelift surgery is a minor procedure. It is absolutely safe with no unpleasant side effects.

Who Can Go in for an Eyelift Surgery?

Droopy eyelids, puffy or hollow eyes, and wrinkles around the eyes are common signs of aging. No amount of creams and serums and under-eye massages can reverse these signs unless you treat the root cause, which may be either excess or lack of fat. Excess skin too can cause wrinkles, bags under the eyes, or sagging folds of skin. Men troubled by these signs of aging and feeling self-conscious about their appearances go in for eyelift surgery.

Eyelift surgery in Los Angeles is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures amongst men. Los Angeles is a land of beautiful people, and it is not just the actors who look more youthful the more they age. Of course, you too want to gel in and look and feel younger. You wish that you don’t have to give the Daylight Savings Time excuse anymore to explain your tired-looking eyes. An eyelift surgery lets you flaunt a youthful appearance irrespective of your age.


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