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13 Apr 2017

Slim The Chin: Kybella Treatments Offer An Alternative To Surgery

Kybella Patients in LA

Many people are often self-conscious or unsatisfied about the disproportions of their facial structure, or the volume in their face which creates an off-balanced fullness in their overall aesthetic appearance. Weight loss and gain can also contribute to the effects of a face that is not sculpted, looking unshapely. Tightening of this area is need in order to soften this unwanted sagging skin.

Until now patients who wanted to decrease the fat surrounding their chin (medically known as “submental fullness”) would have to undergo liposuction—which, as a surgical procedure. As a substitute treatment, this makes Kybella a huge deal!

The FDA has approved the ultimate cosmetic solution, with no incisions or downtime and recovery. Kybella injections possess the active ingredient, deoxycholic acid dissolving fat and reducing moderate to severe deposits under the chin. Deoxycholic acid is an endogenous bile acid that solubilizes dietary fat in the gut. Kybella contains synthetically derived deoxycholic acid. When the drug is injected into subcutaneous fat tissue, it solubilizes lipids in adipocyte membranes. The resulting cytolysis induces an inflammatory response that clears cell debris.

It is the first drug approved for this indication. The drug does not only target the fat cells, it will also destroy the dermal tissue and skin cells. This allows dermatologists, technician specialists and plastic surgeons the ability to remold the chin designing a chiseled and desired, ideal results for male candidates in LA.

“Many patients and consumers simply do not want a knife, they want a needle,” explains Male Plastic Surgery expert Dr. Douglas Steinbrech.

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella is a synthetic version of the deoxycholic acid produced by our bodies to aid in fat absorption. In the body, the acid dissolves fat cells as part of the digestive process. In this application, a certified aesthetic professional injects the synthetic version into submental fat. The injection breaks up fat cells by rupturing their membranes. Fat cells are permanently dissolved and metabolized by the body

However, if a patient has excess fat and skin, it may require a more traditional method of removal such as a Neck Lift. Doctors administering Kybella are advised to screen for patients who have excessive skin in the chin area or “other conditions for which decreasing of submental fat may result in an unfavorable outcome.

Using the facial filler formula Kybella, board- certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steinbrech, and proclaimed ‘Godfather of Male Plastic Surgery’, discusses the newest non-surgical injectable treatment for removing the fat under the chin, more commonly referred to as the ‘double chin’. For many, the double chin ranks high among appearance-related concerns.

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8 Nov 2015

Calf Implants: The Sweat-Free Way to Definition and Contour

After spending hours at the gym and on the field, Cam Newton has one of the best NFL bods. You might need to go in for calf implants. (Image courtesy Pantherfan11 on Wikipedia via CC BY-SA 3.0)

After spending hours at the gym and on the field, Cam Newton has one of the best NFL bods. You might need to go in for calf implants. (Image courtesy Pantherfan11 on Wikipedia via CC BY-SA 3.0)

The NFL season is well under way, and besides keeping scores, some men are probably also toying with the idea of going in for calf implants. Many amongst you who lift weights and work out regularly know how hard it is to develop and define the muscles in the calf area. Calf implants provide a sweat-free way to develop this region of your legs, so it balances out your muscular thighs. Admit it, after watching Tom Brady, Colin Kaepernick, and Cam Newton on the field, you too want to sport a well-defined and perfectly-proportionate body like them.

What are Calf Implants?

Calf implants are made of a soft, flexible, silicon-like material that are inserted through a small incision made behind the knee. The implants are placed within the folds of the muscles, so they fit snugly. The size and shape of the implants that will be used for you depend on your body size and contours. Bigger is not always better, and a skillful plastic surgeon will choose implants that look natural compared to the rest of your leg and let you move comfortably.

After a calf implants surgery, you will feel some soreness and pain. But you should be able to walk with help. In fact, your surgeon will encourage you to walk as soon as you can, so the stiffness goes away quickly. You can perform low-impact leg activities like walking and driving within 3-5 days after the surgery. You can resume gym workouts after you have healed completely, which would be within 4 weeks.

The results of a calf implants surgery start to show right after the procedure, and the appearance of your leg improves gradually as the swelling decreases. Browse through some calf implants before-and-after photographs to see the results for yourself.

Who Should Consider Calf Implants?

Whether or not you are a bodybuilder who has a competition in sight or an actor who is eyeing a meaty role, you want to sport a brawny and balanced physique. After all, you do not want to feel out-of-place amongst all the beautiful people who throng Los Angeles. But our physiques are somewhat dependent on our genes. So some people never develop the defined muscles they desire even after working out for months and years on end. The calf muscles are particularly hard to develop.

So if you are in a hurry to get the body you want or have had enough of working out, a calf implants surgery can help you reach your goals without sweating it out.

People who have suffered muscle loss in their legs due to a disease or an injury and cannot work out as much as they would have liked to or cannot develop muscles naturally even after working out can also consider going in for a calf implants surgery.

A calf implants surgery is safe for most people. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that results in minimal scarring. Calf implants recovery period is short, so it is ideal for busy men who don’t want to miss out on life for too long. A calf implants surgery gives you the confidence to flaunt your body without having to work hard for it.



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27 Oct 2015

Financing Options to Help You Fulfill Your Dream of Looking Good


Financing Male Plastic Surgery with Your Credit Card (Image courtesy U.S. Navy on Wikimedia Commons via Public Domain license)

Financing Male Plastic Surgery with Your Credit Card (Image courtesy U.S. Navy on Wikimedia Commons via Public Domain license)

The holiday season is here once more, and you want to look good and not go around with sagging eyelids, fine lines and wrinkles, man boobs, or a pot belly. But can you afford these male plastic surgery procedures after you have bought gifts for your loved ones, spruced up the house for the parties, and splurged on new partywear? Yes, you can. Choose a Los Angeles plastic surgeon who offers a variety of financing options, so you don’t break the bank trying to look good. And before you undergo plastic surgery, you might want to explore credit card options and choose one that has lucrative financing plans and monthly payment options for male plastic surgery procedures.

Male Plastic Surgery Financing Options

When you have a cash crunch, it is difficult to plunk down a few hundred dollars all at once or write out a check for one or more plastic surgery procedures that you may wish to go in for. You will, of course, want to go to a plastic surgeon who accepts credit cards.

Paying for a plastic surgery procedure with your credit card is especially convenient during the festive season. You do not have to curtail your gift, travel, or home improvement expenses. You are also spared the hassles of carrying cash on you.

But not all credit cards are created equal. Some credit card companies have more lucrative monthly payment plans for lifestyle healthcare procedures. This means more savings for you and more cash to spare as the holiday season progresses. So research credit card companies who offer such special plans, and look around for a plastic surgeon who accepts cards from these companies.

Male Plastic Surgery Financing by CareCredit

CareCredit acknowledges that technological advances have changed the cosmetic surgery landscape in Los Angeles. Today, reputable plastic surgeons employ state-of-the-art treatment options that are absolutely safe and bring in the desired results quickly. Men want to look good. So, CareCredit has come up with a host of financing options for both surgical and non-invasive plastic surgery procedures. Some male plastic surgery procedures that you can finance with your CareCredit card are non-invasive BOTOX, eyelid surgery, mini facelift, and liposuction.

Male Plastic Surgery Financing by ALPHAEON Credit

ALPHAEON Credit offers you the widest array of monthly payment options to help you finance the plastic surgery procedure(s) you want to undergo this festive season. These lucrative financing options let you look good and feel more confident without burning a hole in your pocket. They have a host of flexible payment options for male plastic surgery procedures to suit your budget.

Choosing a financing option for a male plastic surgery procedure involves some bit of research. There are a myriad of credit card companies out there, and not all of them have your best interests in mind. It is always a good idea to opt for a credit card company that focuses on lifestyle healthcare financing and has flexible payment options. After all, it is your hard-earned money that you will spend. Spend it wisely!



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12 Jun 2015

No Sweat 6-Pack This Summer In LA

Six-Pack Abs are a sculpted liposuction technique designed for achieving aesthetic perfection!


Advantages of 6-Pack Sculpting Surgery

  • Have the more contoured, sleek-cut abdominal six-pack you’ve always desired.
  • Relatively fast recovery period.
  • Gain self-confidence and enhance your self-esteem.

Well, Memorial Day Weekend came and went just as anticipated. Now, officially for the next three months, all eyes are on you and your shirtless physique as you bask in the glory of the sun and the sands. Of course, the time of year which includes everyone staring at your bare stomach happens to also be the season of BBQ’s and other social celebrations. You’re probably eating and drinking more than usual and seemingly more naked. Go figure!

Many men typically find it difficult to define their mid-section into a 6-pack as it is, regardless of rigorous workouts and healthy eating habits. However, a summer-fun lifestyle goes hand in hand with looking and feeling your absolute best- with a side of confidence to go with it of course.

How are all of these men getting the rippled abs that everyone envies on the beach?

The answer is simple: Hi-Def 6-Pack Liposculpting

Hi-Def Liposculpting by Dr. Steinbrech offers a more targeted and defined result. When used on the upper and lower abdomen, Hi Def Liposculpting chisels out the ultimate six-pack and pelvic lines for the ideal, toned physique.

Hi-Def Liposculpting for men in LA is a less invasive alternative to traditional lipo-sculpture treatments focused on safely and effectively eliminating fatty deposits that are often the result of genetics and have proven resistant to traditional weight loss and dieting efforts. Liposuction sculpts the body by removing undesirable fat that simple doesn’t responded properly to those attempts. Genetics sometimes work against us, and a secret weapon is needed! No matter how disciplined you may be with your gym regimen, some men find themselves at a stand-still that no amount of sit-ups, crunches, or even diet can help them to achieve their optimal goals and progress.

The Procedure

The Hi-Def Liposculpting procedure may last from one to five hours, depending on the amount of fat being removed for male patients in LA. Dr. Steinbrech will use either local or general anesthesia depending on the size of the area(s) being treated as well as several other factors. Methods are discussed during your pre-operative consultation.

The Recovery

Every patient’s recovery time is different. Many patients return to work within a few days. Strenuous activity should be avoided for about a month. With this procedure, you do not have to be in a home care hospital bed or experience longer recovery time.

  • Post-Hi Def Liposculpting, compression garments and antibiotics may be needed to facilitate the healing process.
  • Many male LA patients return to work within a few days.
  • Strenuous activity should be avoided for about a month.


Abdominal Etching Vs Ab Implants

Abdominal implants may be an alternative to the popular procedure known as abdominal etching, but it is important to understand the difference in procedure and results. Etching is a form of liposuction that gives you a flat, tight stomach with greater muscle definition. The surgeon removes excess fat, and then creates grooves in remaining fat layers to simulate the appearance of toned abs. Abdominal implants, however, are actual implants designed to mimic the look of the six-pack, and they can provide an even more defined appearance than abdominal etching. Most men will find the etching to provide the more desirable aesthetic and solution for sculpted abs with a more natural looking mass appeal.

For more information about Hi Def Liposculpting for Men in LA, please visit Dr. Steinbrech’s clinic to set up your consultation today.


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28 May 2015

Reality Men of Beverly Hills

Bravo Jax!

As if the pressures of having a perfectly symmetrical face among the Beverly Hill’s elitists wasn’t enough, heavy social media influence convinced Jax to go for a final round of revisions on his honker.

Taylor shared his selfie of his bandage-clad face revealing that he had indeed undergone rhinoplasty surgery.

-And much to his credit, never denying going under the knife.

Unfortunately, Jax’s caption claimed him and a door got into a bit of an altercation a mere two weeks after his previous rhinoplasty procedure. This resulted in an undesirable beak after recovery! He was not anticipating a round two, but circumstances lead to additional work that needed to be performed in order to revise the damaged outcome.


Revision rhinoplasty
requires a much more skilled, top board-certified surgeon in order to ensure successful, optimal aesthetic. Plus, male plastic surgery is an ever growing and evolving trend and well, Jax is a trendy guy!

Although, this may not be his first declaration of his affection for plastic surgery, Jax is adamant that this was a necessary procedure. He also expressed he stands behind routine cosmetic maintenance like “a little #Botox touch up.”

After all, even the manliest of dudes need a little “bro-tox” here and there to stay chiseled. Beverly Hills is definitely a tough residency to have an edge on the competition.

Read more on Buzzfeed…


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