What Are the Top Cosmetic Surgeries for Men?

Cosmetic surgical procedures have seen a steady increase over the last decade. Through social media, we are continuously fed content focused on aesthetics and appearances so it’s no surprise more people are turning to plastic surgery. Though female patients have historically made up the bulk of these procedures, men are contributing to a rise in the numbers as well. Cosmetic surgeries can be beneficial in boosting self-esteem and in helping clients feel comfortable in their own skin.

Over the past decade, there has been a 29% increase in procedures performed on men with male patients receiving a fraction of eyelid surgeries, rhinoplasties, liposuction procedures and tummy tucks. Internationally-acclaimed Dr. Steinbrech realized the growing need for male focused cosmetic procedures and is recognized as one of the top plastic surgeons for men in the United States. Forbes has even referred to him as the “go-to surgeon for men.”  Dr. Steinbrech has customized his work to the male anatomy for the best results possible, and his Los Angeles office provides an extensive array of procedures.

Recent data suggests that the most common procedures for men are liposuction, breast reduction (gynecomastia), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), tummy tuck (TorsoTuck®) and rhinoplasty. Removal of pockets of fat in liposuction, removal of breast tissue and tummy tucks are beneficial for a more masculine appearance, and when diet and exercise have little impact on restructuring these areas. Eyelid surgery is beneficial in reducing puffiness or excess skin that can be associated with droopy eyelids. Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a “nose job” is the procedure of altering the size and shape of the nose.

Through any of these procedures, men can achieve their desired appearance, boost their self confidence and with the help of Dr. Steinbrech, be reassured they are in the most capable hands. Through our investment in social media, we continue to shape our ideal appearances in our minds. As we continue to advance both in technology and in media, these procedures will only become more desired in our modern world.

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