Male Plastic Surgery: Which Package Fits You?

8 May 2016

Male Plastic Surgery: Which Package Fits You?

The rising trend in male plastic surgery is drawing more attention than ever. Businessmen, models, body builder and stay at home fathers are all putting their image into the hands of the professionals. Some men have a difficult time proportionating their body to appear balanced with regular diet and exercise, so they turn to plastic surgery to make up for what they are lacking. However, it is extremely important that an individual chooses the right surgeon who is experienced and knowledgeable of processes and procedures. Each body is different, so any patient should consult with a specialist that can help them choose which enhancements and methods are right for their specific concerns and anticipated outcomes.


Dr. Steinbrech, who specializes in male plastic surgery, now offers implant packages that combine multiple procedures to help you get your desired results, customized to individual preference. These bundles make it easier and more affordable for patients who want to improve multiple parts of their body and contribute to the overall “image” that the patient is trying to achieve.

The Standard 3 Package:

Pectoral. Bicep, and Deltoid

The Big Quarterback Package:

Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid and Calf

The Classic 5 Package:

Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid Calf, and Forearm

The Super 6 Package:

Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid Calf, Forearm, and Quadriceps

The Universal 7 Package:

Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid Calf, Forearm, Quadriceps, and Triceps

The Ultra 8 Package:

Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid Calf, Forearm, Quadriceps, Triceps, and Gluteus Maximus

The Olympia 9 Package:

Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid Calf, Forearm, Quadriceps, Triceps, Gluteus Maximus, and Abdominal 6 Pack.

The Titanic 10 Package:

Pectoral, Bicep, Deltoid Calf, Forearm, Quadriceps, Triceps, Gluteus Maximus, Abdominal 6 Pack, and Latissimus Dorsi.

Each package can help an individual obtain the body that they desire, as multiple procedures can accompany and accent each.



Pectoral implant procedures enhance the chest and offers a sculpted, muscular contoured appearance to the upper body. Under general anesthesia, an implant is inserted through a small incision under the armpit for the designated side(s). Once healed, regular routine activity is recommended and all muscle function will be back to normal.

Bicep implants are inserted to increase muscle definition in the upper arm region. This procedure is ideal for men who have issues building muscle mass with regular diet and exercise. This can help improve proportion in the upper body and overall appearance. Each implant is customized to the patient’s desired results. An incision is made in the underarm and the implant is inserted and positioned precisely within the soft tissue. In time, the area that contains fat and muscle will develop scar tissue that acts as a barrier-lock and surrounds the implant to keep it in place.

Deltoid implants are an option for men who are looking to add definition and bulk to their upper arms. This can also improve proportion or correct deformities and reconstruction of the shoulder if the area has been exposed to trauma or injury. This implant, made of solid, soft silicone, is customized and shaped to the appropriate size and inserted carefully. This procedure is ideal for men who lack the genetics to add bulk and definition to the deltoid region.

Calf implants is a great option for men who have a difficult time both growing and sculpting their existing calf muscles. Some find it easier to build mass in their upper body and not the lower half and can result in looking unproportioned. The soft silicone material is customized and inserted through a small incision behind the knee and will result in increased calf size, symmetry and overall confidence.

Forearm implants can help patients gain a full, muscular definition in their arms and restore balance and proportion to their overall appearance. This procedure is ideal for men who are unable to achieve muscle development from their regular workout routine. These implants will give individuals an increased sense of self-confidence and will feel more comfortable rolling up their sleeves and having their shirts off, revealing a balanced, well-toned aesthetic.

Quadricep implants are used to create the appearance of definition and muscle mass in the upper legs, specifically for bodybuilders. This option is ideal for men who want to create proportion throughout their entire body and have existing muscle mass and definition in the upper regions of the body from regular exercise.

Tricep implants will create muscular definition and increased mass in the lower arm region for men that have a difficult time building mass through regular routine exercise. This procedure offers lasting results that aid in balancing the proportion of the upper body.

Gluteus Maximus procedures will help reshape or enlarge the buttocks area giving it a fuller appearance for a balanced profile. By injecting the patients’ own body fat or silicone implants, the surgeon will make up for the deficit of fat deposit in the gluteus. This is ideal for men that are unable to develop gluteal muscles naturally through exercise.

Abdominal 6 pack implants will help get rid of that stubborn belly fat that intense, vigorous diet and exercise cannot achieve due to genetics. This is an alternative procedure to abdominal etching except implants are inserted and strategically placed throughout the abdominal region for a more structured, well defined look.

Latissimus Dorsi implants will create definition in the upper back and increased muscle mass. This procedure is ideal for men who have difficulty building muscle in their back and want to create balance with their existing arms, shoulder and chest size. With latissimus dorsi implants, the client will receive overall proportion to their appearance that they were unable to achieve through regular, rigorous exercise.

For more information regarding plastic surgery packages, please call (646) 480-7750 or fill out our contact form to set up your no-obligation consultation today.


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